Vaccine News Roundup - February 1, 2019

February 1, 2019 Rene F. Najera

“How Facebook and YouTube help spread anti-vaxxer propaganda” (The Guardian) []

“Measles: Why it’s so deadly, and why vaccination is so vital” (The Conversation) []

“As measles outbreak grows, international travel and vaccination gaps fingered as the culprits” (WAFB, via CNN) []

“US Researchers Look for Long-Lasting Ebola Vaccine” (Voice of America) []

“OPINION: Today's skepticism of vaccines could be as big of a health threat as HIV” (USA Today) []

“Proposed bills will allow religious exemption to vaccination, require vaccine info disclosures” (Fox 10 Phoenix) []

“Sen. Blumenthal pushes for universal flu vaccine” (WTNH, Connecticut) []

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