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Ebola Vaccine with Philadelphia Roots Moves Toward Human Trials

September 24, 2014

E. Ervin, CDC/VSPP, 14 Sep 2014On Monday, September 22, in Philadelphia, Matthias J.

Vaccine Disaster in Syria: Historical Precedents

September 18, 2014

Diphtheria AT, 1920s, LederleThe news of infant deaths on September 16 in northern Syria from measles vaccination is heartbreaking. Shortly after vaccination, the children became limp and unresponsive: those most severely affected died before reaching hospital. Seventy-five children were sickened, and fifteen died. The World Health Organization is investigating the incident.

Calling the Shots: NOVA Documentary

September 10, 2014

Dr. Offit and Iron Lung, Independence Mall, 2012Tonight be sure to watch or record "Vaccines: Calling the Shots," the latest installment of NOVA on PBS. This documentary looks at parental attitudes toward vaccination and their influences on disease spread. Check your local listings -- here in the Philadelphia area it's scheduled for 10 pm, but in other areas it's scheduled at 9 pm Eastern.

My Life As A Polio Survivor

September 2, 2014

Karen Chase (photo courtesy of the author)By Karen Chase