Posted by Karie Youngdahl

It's great news that incidence and deaths from cervical cancer have come down in the United States (though the death been stable in the past five years--see the following MMWR). But with so many women still going without screening -- a recent MMWR ( states that 23% of women without health insurance and 25% of women without a regular care provider have not been screened in 5 years -- vaccination will continue to provide valuable protection from cervical cancer. And critics often refer to low rates of invasive cervical cancer and deaths from ICC without acknowledging the huge burden of screening and treating pre-cancerous cervical lesions. HPV vaccine will prevent many infectious that would lead to those lesions, and it will save many women from treatment for those lesions.

I fail to see your point in saying that girls are recommended to get that vaccine at 12 but that cervical cancer typically takes decades to develop. Girls/women get INFECTED with HPV decades before cervical cancer develops...and you want to prevent infections because that prevents cervical cancer.

As far as AEs go, large studies continue to demonstrate an excellent safety profile for both HPV vaccines (eg If you want us to look at the clinical trial docs from Europe, please provide references and links. Similar documents ( ) from US trials do not show what you allege.

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