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Incidence of cervical cancer is 9/100,000. The mortality rate has come down from 8 to 2/100,000 over the last 40 years and at this rate should be zero within 10 years - with no help from the vaccine. The HPV vaccine
is given to 12 year old girls but it takes typically 20 years to develop
cervical cancer and is not common below 30 years of age.

Before the vaccine was introduced (c.2008) clinical trials were
done on healthy adults and the SERIOUS adverse events (SAE) were huge:

Cervarix: 2844/100,000 search European Medicine Agency Cervarix Scientific Discussion.

Gardasil: 2300/100,000 search 'Merck's Highlights of Prescribing information' (for health professionals).

This is also supported by the huge number of Yellow Card SAE reports. See UK
'whatdotheyknow' FOI website.

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