Children and Conflict: Fundraiser May 8

April 23, 2014 Karie Youngdahl

Disease and conflict are unfortunate companions. We’ve seen this recently in the Syrian Arab Republic, where polio has surfaced after violence uprooted millions of people. Other outcomes of conflict for children in Syria and elsewhere are hunger, displacement, interruption of education, and other harms.

Please join us May 8 at The College of Physicians of Philadelphia to commemorate World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day. Christiaan Morrsink, PhD, director of the United Nations Association of Greater Philadelphia, will give an overview of conflicts around the world and their effect on children. Pavan Ganapathiraju, MPH, will discuss how the war is interrupting polio eradication efforts in Syria. World fusion artist Farah Siraj will perform, and Clara Barton, U.S. Civil War nurse and founder of the Red Cross, will appear.

What: Victimizing Children, War Crimes Against the Innocent

When: May 8, 5:30-7:30 pm

Where: The College of Physicians of Philadelphia, 19 S. 22nd Street, Philadelphia PA

Who: United Nations Association of Greater Philadelphia, Drexel University School of Public Health, Philadelphia Global Water Initiative, Rotary Madrugadores, Global Philadelphia, Shot@Life, The College of Physicians of Philadelphia

This event is a fundraiser for Shot@Life, an organization associated with the United Nations Foundation that advocates for increased access to vaccination.

We hope to see you at the May 8 event. Registration is not required, and you can view a flier for the event at the UNGP website. Please don't hesitate to email us at if you have questions.

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